View Full Version : Tecra 9100 stopped after one hour work

26.09.2006, 22:09
I bought a Tecra 9100 and it stopped after one hour work or less like freezed.
Using keyboard or mouse to restart it didn't work.
I have to use the power button to stop it and restart it after shut down.
I have tried to reinstall windows xp and to change the ram but always the same problem.

Thank you very much!!

27.09.2006, 13:54

How long did you use the notebook?
Possibly the high temperature inside the notebook could be responsible for such freezing issues. A similar problem has occurred on my notebook. It frizzed because of the overheating.
I have simply cleaned the fans and the cooling modules grilles with the vacuum cleaner and the problem has gone.

I think you should check also the cooling modules and try to clean it carefully.