View Full Version : Satellite Pro 2100: Multimedia control buttons don't work

26.09.2006, 19:44
hello Friends,

I have a Satellite Pro 2100 from EBay and it is very good, but my 6 Multimedia Keys Play/forward/rewind/Stop/CD have no Funktion the Audio Drive is installed what is wrong???

I need help....


Andy from Germany

27.09.2006, 11:19

Check if the “TOSHIBA Controls” is preinstalled on your unit. It should be listed in control panel.

27.09.2006, 16:24
I have also checked the Toshiba driver page and as mentioned above it seems that you need “Controls” utility.
This tool allows you to customize and preset TOSHIBA special button settings.

After the reinstallation of this application you will be able to configure the buttons in the
Toshiba controls properties which you can find in the control panel.

Good luck