View Full Version : Equium A110-233 stops using the WLan and fans work only 3 sec

26.09.2006, 16:09
I purchased an A110-233 20-09-06. It works fine for about 1 hour then it stops communicating via the wireless network, the connection status states it is still connected, sometimes but not always the Intel Pro config window states that the wireless is switched off and I should switch it on at the bottom of the window ( It is switched ON ).

I took it back to PC World expecting a replacement but I had to sit for an hour trying to replicate the fault, we could not get it to go wrong but I have since found out that it only does it when running on the mains.

The cooling fan only runs for 1 - 3 seconds at a time, is there any way to increase this time.

Any help would be appreciated

29.09.2006, 14:59

If you want to change the cooling module properties you have to do it in the Power saver settings.
You should know that the power saver uses different power modes. The notebook uses a different power mode if the AC adaptor was connected and another power mode if the notebook runs only with the battery.
In the Basic setup of the power saver you will be able to change the cooling method. This option controls the fan operating.

It is not easy to solve the WLAN communication issue. I mean there is no general solution. Additional itís not easy to solve it because the issue doesnít occur always but only sometimes. Possibly the signal strength is sometimes lower and therefore the Intel WLan configuration software reports that the WLan is switched off.

Furthermore you should also check the Wlan card properties. You will find the properties in the device manager -> right click on the WLan card.
There you should select the ďAdvancedĒ tab.
You should find some interesting options like power saving (disable it) or signal strength (enable it).

Furthermore you could try to update the WLan driver. Possibly a new version is available.

By the way: You should also know that some 3rd party application could has a bad influence on the WLan communication.