View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4270 won't start

26.09.2006, 15:22
My 4270 had been working.
I started it and the power and poweron lights came on, the battery light showed charging, the HDD light flashed once, a short sound came from the FDD but nothing else.
When I opened the case and removed the heatsink/fan I found the the processor was heating up. Any ideas?

26.09.2006, 16:53

Did the notebook pass the POST successfully? Did you hear a short beep tone?
If not so there must be a hardware malfunction.
But I have to disappoint you. Nobody will say you 100% what’s wrong.
We all here can only suggest.
Possibly only the display is faulty and therefore you can see nothing on the display. In such case you should try to connect the external monitor to check it.

But maybe there is something wrong on the motherboard or with the memory modules. Well, in my knowledge the service partner can starts some diagnostic test for error locating.
If you have no experience and no possibilities to check the single components so I would recommend visiting the technician