View Full Version : Low wirless network signal on Tecra M6

25.09.2006, 14:07
Recently I bought Tecra M6. It's a good heavy duty notebook but I notice that wirless receiving signal is lower than other Toshiba laptop such as Satellite 15", you have to be very near to your wirless access point to connect convinet wirlissly

25.09.2006, 14:16
I don’t know which card you have on the Tecra M6 but possibly this is not the same like on the Satellite notebook.
Furthermore there are different WLan standards: G, B, A etc…
Every standard supports different properties. Also different WLan cards are more compatible with the router as other WLan cards.

However, maybe this is also only a WLan setting issue.
You can try to enter the WLan card properties in the device manager. In the properties you should find the “Advantage” tab. There are different options like a power save mode or signal strength. You can try to change some settings, for example disable the power save mode.

Furthermore you could try to check if there is a WLan drive update. You can check the WLan car manufacture site and the Toshiba driver site.

But if it doesn’t help so I assume there is no much to do.