View Full Version : TE2100: cursor moves by itself

24.09.2006, 11:36
Hello Again,
I have a TE2100 - its about 4.5 years old. Its been a good computer but recently I have been having problems with the cursor moving across the screen by itself.
It moves in a straight line - sometimes up, sometimes down, left or right.
When I first boot up its usually OK but soon starts moving, getting faster and faster.
I have tried everything - checked for malicious software, changed the pointer settings from mouse to pointer (it has one of those blue nipple things in the keyboard, not a touch pad).

Has anyone experienced this problem or have a solution. I'm new to this site - should I reinstall drivers? Are they somewhere on this site?

Thanks for any help.

26.09.2006, 19:41
A friend of mine has had a similar problem with the cursor.
It jumped and moved on the display and it was not possible to keep it under control.
He has contacted the ASP and there was a hardware malfunction.

27.09.2006, 11:27

I have had the same problem. After keyboard replacement everything is working fine again. Try to contact service partner for keyboard replacement or check if you can order it online. The replacement is very simply and I believe you can do this alone. If you need assistance please write again.

27.09.2006, 16:29
I agree with Eldorado and Pedro.
Possibly the keyboard is corrupt and itís necessary to replace it.
The replacing is very easy.
The keyboard should be fixed with two screws. Above the keyboard you should find a thin cover. After removing of this cover you should find the screws.

Please note that the keyboard is connected to the board with a flat cable. You have to disconnect it before keyboard removing.