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22.09.2006, 20:45
Has anyone had this problem or know how to sort it ?

PCI network controller on motherboard bus:02, device:04, function:00

its on a Tosh Sat pro L10
I would really like to be steered into the right direction on this one as ive looked on the net and cant find anything out

basically when the laptop is powered on or restarted, when it does the POST i get a error:
Resource Conflict - PCI network controller on motherboard bus:02, device:04, function:00 and the i have to press either F1 to continue or F2 to go into setup/bios but the bios is that bloody basic that you cant hardly change anything



24.09.2006, 10:34
I have similar problem, can't install D-Link wireless pcmcia card (DWL-G650) on my Satellite M40-295.
I got this message at startup:
"Resource Conflict - PCI Network Controller on Motherboard
Bus:04, Device:00, Function:00"

Because of that I can't use wireless in my notebook!!! Can Toshiba do something with that issue??
Need help!

25.09.2006, 14:35

You have an IRQ conflict in the BIOS. You should reset it to the defaults. Otherwise, starts the notebook and got the device manager.
There you should uninstall the WLan driver and the LAN driver.

After new reboot you should install the both correct drivers again.

If it doesnít help, use the Toshiba recovery CD!
The all your problems should gone.

25.09.2006, 18:08
Ok, so it seems the proper steps are:
- deinstalling all Lan/WLan drivers
- resetting the Bios to defaults
- inserting the WLan card
- starting the Windows and installing the drivers again

I didn't realize the POST errors could have anything to do with Windows settings.

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25.09.2006, 19:29
I don't know, it seems the notebook+my WLan card can pass the POST occasionally.
Most of the time it shows the error (resource conflict). Default settings in Bios don't change anything.
It simply doesn't work, and if it happens that somehow it passes the bios screen, and Windows can get loaded, the WLan works until the next restart or it hangs up after some time of working. And then again the resource error in bios. :((

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26.09.2006, 17:10
I donít have a 100% solution but possibly a BIOS update could help?
Try it maybe it helps but be careful!
Be sure that you use the right BIOS and right BIOS update procedure!

You have suggested that you use a additional PCMCIA card (DWL-G650).
I would also recommend contacting the manufacture of this card for a support.

Possibly a firmware update or drivers update is available