View Full Version : Satellite Pro 4600: beeping sound when headphone are connected

22.09.2006, 20:05
Greetings to everyone.

I am experiencing a strange audio problem with my Toshiba Satellite Pro 4600's headphone port. Whenever headphones are being used, bursts of faint beeping occur regularly every 3 seconds or so, superimposed over whatever is playing at that moment. Each burst lasts for about a second and consists of around 8 rapid beeps. The beeps occur after Windows boots up and end once the system is powered down. I thought this was a driver issue, but I'm using the latest driver for my card, downloaded from Toshiba's website (package name: s5105sndx.exe).

Can anyone help ?

Thanks for your attention.

25.09.2006, 14:08
Does this issue appear only if the headphones are connected or also with the speakers if the headphones are disconnected?

If it happens only if the headphones are connected so possibly there could be something wrong with the headphone jack.

28.09.2006, 00:06
disable the infrared option in the Windows device manager. It should stop the chirping.


28.09.2006, 11:41
Thanks a million, that did the trick :)