View Full Version : Equium L10 will not enter OS after recovering with A60 disc

22.09.2006, 15:19
I've accidentally rebooted my L10 from an A60 recovery disc, it seemed to work fine until I went to restart my computer and now the screen is just blank and the PC won't start windows. I was just going to put the L10 recovery disc in and start again until I realised I can't find it, all I have is the A60 disc.
Can you help me on this?

Thank You

Cara Hayes

22.09.2006, 15:53
For me it sounds very unbelievable that you were able to install the A60 recovery image on the L10. In my knowledge it is not possible to use different recovery images
But anyway, it is not unusually that the notebook cannot enter the OS if you have used a wrong image.

I think there is no much to do. Either you will boot up from the L10 Toshiba recovery CD or you will use the original Microsoft Windows CD.

If you have used Windows CD you need to install also the Toshiba drivers which you can download from the Toshiba driver page.

22.09.2006, 16:43

Every notebook model series has different hardware infrastructure and different hardware components. Recovery media is designed for each model and contains suitable drivers. I hope that you understood now why the problem is there.

If you want to install OS on your notebook you have two possibilities:
Using original recovery media for your notebook
Using original Microsoft installations CD and later install all necessary drivers, tools and utilities

I hope you know how to use recovery media. If you need more assistance please write again.


22.09.2006, 21:36
Thank you for your help. I have used my original windows cd and everything is working fine now. I've installed all the drivers I could find on the web site, but my volume control buttons aren't working and my PC keeps alerting to the fact that I don have an ATI driver which I cannot find to download.