View Full Version : Tecra 720cdt: Memory upgrade question

20.09.2006, 02:52
I am looking for 1 oiece of 128MB Memory, (MAX)? for my 720cdt. Can anyone help as to a place I can get this or would anyone have good used pull they no longer need.
Just tell me what you need.



20.09.2006, 11:15
Wow, this is a really an oldie.
In my knowledge itís about 10 years old.
What do you what to do on such old notebook?

Anyway, I can remember that the memory slot could be at the bottom of the unit.
Am I right? Furthermore you can use max 128MB memory module and the memory can be upgraded to 144MB. Why? Because as far as I know this unit should have 16MB internal memory and this cannot be removed.

I have searched a little bit in the net and found a information that this memory module should be compatible:
PA2046U 128 MB

Such modules you should be able to order from the Toshiba service partner in your country.

22.09.2006, 16:11
Please take a look at this useful memory module site:

There you will find the compatible memory modules.
But as Juan said you can order also the supported module from the Toshiba partner which is responsible for your country