View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60-832: sometimes OS starts without sound and modem

Doctor HR
19.09.2006, 18:04

I have a problem with my Satellite Pro A60-832. Everything works perfectly, but sometimes my system starts without sound. When that happends, modem also won't work. After restart, everything works fine again. I have Windows XP Pro slipstream SP2, but the same thing was also happening with the original Windows XP Pro SP1 provided in Toshiba Recovery CDs.
Any ideas?

Sorry for my bad english.

20.09.2006, 09:39

Please check the Modem and the Soundcard by the restart in the Device Manager and check the CPU in the Task Manager.

Is the Machine on the Bottom Site by a restart hot? Check this


20.09.2006, 10:14
As mentioned a high temperature could be responsible for such dropouts but I donít think that this is a problem in your case.
I think the temperature cannot be very high immediately after notebook booting.

In you case I would recommend comparing the installed BIOS on you unit with the available BIOS on the Toshiba page.
If there is a new BIOS version so you can try to update it.
But be sure that you use the right BIOS and right procedure.

Doctor HR
20.09.2006, 11:18
What do you mean by "check the Modem and the Soundcard by the restart in the Device Manager and check the CPU in the Task Manager"?

And no, the temperature is not a problem, when notebook starts without sound/modem, temperature is normal and you can work on it all day if necessary.

I already have the latest BIOS.

20.09.2006, 11:56

Have you by the start from the System a correctly Driver information?
Find the Machine the Modem and the Soundcard?


Doctor HR
20.09.2006, 12:56
StefanS, I don't understand what you are trying to tell me. Can you please explain a little bit more?
The sound and modem drivers are original from Toshiba Tools & Utilities CD. There is no new version for that drivers on Toshiba Online Support.

20.09.2006, 16:06
Hello Igor

On this way it is very, but very difficult to give any precise diagnostic. Best way to test the unit is to use recovery media and on this way unit will have original factory settings. I see you have done this already. If in this situation this problem persist (I hope you didnít install anything that can have some negative influence) you can suspect that some hardware component donít work well.

The fact is that modem itself and sound functionality works ďsomehowĒ together and maybe is sound problem related to modem functionality. Of course just precise troubleshooting can give more answers.

As user there is no much to do. You can install recovery image and make some tests with drivers. Thatís all. I recommend you to contact service partner in your country (HR is probably Croatia) and explain them the situation.

Addresses you can find under http://www.csd.toshiba.com/cgi-bin/tais/su/su_gaspLocator.jsp?pf=true

Good luck!