View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6100 can't start - PXE-E61 & PXE-MOF message

18.09.2006, 11:32
my dad just bought me a satellite pro 6100 for uni off ebay, and when i turn it on the toshiba screen comes up, followed by: PXE-E61 & PXE-MOF. as i am a total computer virgin i havent a clue what to do! any ideas.....? :)

18.09.2006, 11:40
Hi Naomi

Dont worry, it sounds not very badly. I think you will solve this issue by changing some settings in the BIOS. ;)

In my knowledge this message appears when the LAN option was set at the beginning of the booting order. Therefore to solve this issue you have to enter the BIOS (ESC and F1) and then change the booting order to CD drive HDD etc...
Please set the LAN at the end.

18.09.2006, 17:07

I agree with Markus. Enter BIOS settings as described and change boot order or boot priority. Set HDD as first one and PXE message should not occur again.

18.09.2006, 17:25
Hi Naomi,

As Markus and Barrie have already said, you should check the boot sequence as specified in your BIOS to ensure that the correct order is specified. However, as long as HDD is in the list then your notebook should still boot up even if this is the last entry in the boot sequence.

The BIOS will search for a bootable source on the devices specified in the search list, so even if the LAN is top of the list followed by CDROM and eventually HDD then the boot should still succeed.

It is always possible that your notebook did not come with an installed operating system in which case the BIOS will search through its start sequence until it gets to the LAN entry (this is usually at the bottom of the list) whereupon it will give you the error messages that you described.

Your notebook should have been supplied with recovery CDs which will allow you to install the operating system to its original state. It is always possible that the person from whom you bought it has formatted the hard drive (to remove their own content) and has not re-installed the system.