View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60 just lost power

16.09.2006, 23:19
When WinXP Pro said the battery was down to around 9% (ok, I know, I should have plugged in the power cable at that point) the whole thing appeared to have died, lost power completely. The power supply then began to beep every 2 seconds. I then tried it on another laptop and it works, so its not the PSU - on this other laptop it works with and without the battery in, so I think it can be ruled out of being the culprit.

On the A60, I have re-insirted the battery which had been working perfectly well always holding about 90mins charge until now - no joy. The weird thing is, is that the PSU beeps when the battery is in and out of the A60. My questions are:

a) should the A60 work without the battery in? in which case it might be the laptop at fault itself?
b) if it always needs the battery in, could it be that the battery has 'gone' and I need a new one?

Any help would be greatly appreciated!


17.09.2006, 18:27

according to my experience notebooks should work without battery only on AC power.
In your case I think the problem is the power unit inside the notebook where the AC adapter is connected to. Seems like something has to be replaced, so you should take your machine to service.


20.09.2006, 15:00
Well, in my knowledge it should be possible to use the notebook:
- with battery and connected AC adaptor,
- removed battery and connected AC adaptor
- with battery and removed AC adaptor.

Possibly the battery is a little bit older and the battery performance will decreases slowly.
Furthermore you have suggested that the notebook has shut down if the battery was about 9%.
In such cases you should check the Toshiba power saver option -> “Setup actions”
You should know that you can configure the power saver setup actions for every power mode.
I assume there is a action chosen which allows the notebook to shut down if the “critical battery power” was obtained.

I think a simply changing of this setting will clear the case

20.09.2006, 22:21
Hi, I meant to say that the laptop does not pick up any power at all so it must me something to do with the power management inside the laptop. I know its not the power supply and it doesn't pick up the power with battery in or out and no led lights come on.

I'll be taking it to a local repair centre.

Many thanks.