View Full Version : Equium A110-223 sound very quiet

15.09.2006, 17:58
The sound on my A110-223 stopped working a couple of days ago. when you turn all the volume settings to max, you can just hear it. I've tried re-loading the driver, but it still won't work. any suggestions? Thanks Mark

15.09.2006, 18:06
Did you check the position of the volume controller at the notebook side?
Try to connect the headphones. If the sound volume is ok so either you have forgotten a volume control in the sound settings or there is something wrong with the speakers.

16.09.2006, 10:37
What an idiot, didn't see the volume knob on the front!!!! Thanks

18.09.2006, 12:23
LoL :D

nobody is perfect ;)
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