View Full Version : During BIOS update Satellite Pro A60 went down and hasn't started

15.09.2006, 14:19
Hello everyone,

I have a Satellite Pro A60 and I updated the bios. Halfway the update, my laptop went down and hasn´t started since. All it does is give a couple of beeps (trying to tell me the bios is corrupted, I suppose) and shuts itself off again.

Tried to start with the (~) key pressed down (a tip I got from a friend), but no succes.

I currently live in a country where there is no Toshiba dealer available and I rather not ship the laptop to have it repaired.

Does anyone know of a way to fix this? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


15.09.2006, 18:59
This sounds not good.
If during the POST the BIOS detects a problem it will normally display a visual error message on the monitor explaining what the problem is. However, if a problem is detected before the BIOS initializes the video card or a video card is not present or not detected then the BIOS will play several BEEPS through the speaker to let you know there is a problem.
Depending on the type of the BIOS you have the BIOS may play beeps in a specific pattern to indicate what the problem is, or play the same beep a number of times indicating the problem.

In your case its possible that you have used a wrong BIOS or a wrong BIOS procedure. Both can damage the motherboard.
To prevent such damages and any mistakes Toshiba has published the FAQ document.
How to update the BIOS on most units!

This you should read before doing any BIOS updates!
Unfortunately I dont think that you can solve it yourself. I think you should ask the ASP for help.

16.09.2006, 22:04
Hello Kelby

I presume that BIOS chip is damaged and there is no way to fix this. Please contact Toshiba authorizes service partner in your country. They will fix this.