View Full Version : How to disable Wi-Fi?

14.09.2006, 01:12
I have uninstalled the wireless network card but hacker still manages to reinstall it and use wi fi on my laptop again.

14.09.2006, 12:42
I donít know what happen with hacker and what you mean exactly but if you remove the WLAN card from device manager, after every new start, hardware will be automatically detected and installed. If you donít want to use WLAN on your notebook go into device manager and click with right mouse on WLAN card and choose disabled option. On this way the WLAN card will be definitely out of usage.


14.09.2006, 18:52

I donít believe that any 3rd person could be able to install the WLan card on your notebook via internet connection but you know;
Nothing is impossible in the World Wide Web.
However, if you want to disable or to remove the Wlan card so you can do it in the device manager. Mark the Wlan card and use the option disable or uninstall.
Then the Wlan card should be removed or disabled and cannot be use.

The other possibility is to disable the Wlan antenna with the switch at the notebook side.
In this case you will not receive or send any signals through the Wlan.

I will give you a good advice: Use the firewall, anti virus software and adware agains the trojans and spyware