View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60 would not operate XP but is fine with W2k

13.09.2006, 17:36
i bought my A60 like a year ago, worked fine but oneday froze, tried reinstalling OS using Product Recovery Disc. the procedure ran fine and asked for a restart, but on restart it froze again, i tried Pro Rec Disc few times but with same result.

Then I tried fresh xp copy which also froze before installing files. I am now using windows 2000 which seem 2 ran fine for few weeks, but now i have no volume.
I triede installing driver but it still wouldnt come on. So im using it without volume, but i don't understand why would it not let me install product recovery disc or Win XP but would allow win2000 but without volume.

Please some one help me ,,, many thanx

14.09.2006, 15:54

Maybe is this a Problem with Service Pack two. Perhaps use a win XP OS CD with Service Pack two.

I Hope this is a Help.


15.09.2006, 12:16

It is very strange that unit freeze after recovery installation. Please be sure that no external devices are connected to the unit when you do this.
It will be also interesting if you have upgraded memory.

Before you use recovery installation CD you can also try to set default values in BIOS.

15.09.2006, 14:45

Itís not easy to say why the notebook freezes immediately after new OS installation form the Toshiba recovery CD.
Iím not 100% sure but possibly there is something wrong with the HDD.
The Windows Xp installs all data at the same place on the HDD.
Possibly a sector or a little part of the HDD could be defective and therefore the OS cannot pass a specific point on the HDD.
But this is only my suggestion. However, you can try to check if itís possible to install the recovery CD on the new HDD.

Possibly the sound card is defective if the sound doesnít appear. But you should check this issue more precise.
Try to connect the headphones. If the headphones will work and the sound will come up trough the headphones so in my opinion the speakers could be defective or there are only wrong settings in the sound and audio devices.
In this case you should check this settings which you can find in the control panel

15.09.2006, 23:47
thank u all very much for great help... the sound comes on when i install win2k but then soon after the speaker make funny almost freezing noise like long beep and which only goes away after restart but then sound doesnt work. i have not upgraded the memory or made any other major changes, infact havent made any changes atall.

i really dont know what to do. it works okish without the sound with win2k but i wanna be using win xp home edition the one came with the system ....

18.09.2006, 12:07
Did you do everything what the other guys have mentioned? I would also recommend connecting headphones to check if itís a sound card or speaker malfunction.
But for me it sounds like something wrong with the sound card.
In such cases there is no much to do. You should ask the ASP for the help.