View Full Version : Need instructions about Wireless Connection Set-up

13.09.2006, 09:27
Does anyone have any detail instructions on how to set up the wireless connection from home. I have lost the instructions. When setting up, it keeps telling me to switch the connection on, but this is already on.
Please can someone help??

13.09.2006, 16:54
What do you want to know exactly?
How to enable the Wlan on the notebook or how to configure the whole Wlan?

Usually you have to enable the Wlan card with the switch at the notebook side and with the key combination FN+F8.
Then the Wlan card should be enabled.

If you want to know how to configure your WLan router so you should goggle around for your WLan router. I donít know the procedure because every router support the own configuration. Additional I would recommend visiting the router manufacture site.