View Full Version : How to enable WLAN on Satellite 2410-504?

12.09.2006, 21:11

please could you help me I am a little bewildered. I would like to wifi enable my laptop. It is a Toshiba Satellite s2410-504. If you know what this laptops short name is that would really help me. I don think it has a centrino chip so I think I will need to wi-fi enable it. I have researched it on the web but I am confused by terms like cardbus. Does my laptop have a cardbus? If not, how will I wi-fi enable my laptop?

Any suggestions for a competitively priced product (is it a chip or what?)

12.09.2006, 21:54
According to you posting it is Satellite S2410-504. There is no short name for this unit.
Please check the bottom of the unit. There should be a label with Wifi infos if the unit has installed Wlan card. You can also check it in the device manager under network adapters.
If the notebook has preinstalled Wlan card so you can enabled it with the switch at the notebook side and with the key combination FN+F8

13.09.2006, 11:44
Hi thanks for your help - that answers most of my questions. I need to wifi enable my laptop.

So how do I it please? Do I have busports? Do I need them? Do I have open my laptop to to wifi enable it or can I just plug something in? If I do have to open up my laptop, is it easy? If not, where do I plug the chip or whatever it is? What products would you recomend for my specific laptop (at the cheaper end)? Thanks.

13.09.2006, 16:39
If the unit can be upgraded with the minPCI WLan card so mostly the slot for a WLan card is placed at the bottom of the unit.
Iím not 100% sure if itís WLan ready or not.
However, if itís possible to upgrade the notebook with the minPCI WLan card so you can order this form the Toshiba authorized service partner in your country.

If itís not possible to upgrade it so I would recommend switching to the external solution like a USB WLan stick
Such sticks are not very expensive and very easy to use