View Full Version : HDD Replacement on Equium M50-216

12.09.2006, 19:32

I am looking into upgrading the hard drive in my M50-216, which currently has a MK4026GAX. The drive I am most interested in is the MK8032GAX. Is this a suitable replacement, i.e. will it work?

A couple of questions:

1. I presume it's simply a case of removing the current drive, slotting the new one in and booting using my Toshiba restore CD? Will this also reinstall the Norton junk as well?

2. Assuming I remove the current one without formatting it, i.e. I leave it as it is, I presume if I find the new drive isn't working I'll be able to put the old one back in and it will start like nothing has happened? I'm not changing any other hardware.

3. Will this work as a suitable caddy for the old drive: http://www.scan.co.uk/Products/ProductInfo.asp?WebProductID=414030

4. The most important question, will this affect my current standard warranty, or affect an extended warranty if I choose to buy one later this year?


12.09.2006, 19:53
Old HDD MK4026GAX 40GB
New HDD MK8032GAX 80GB

The BIOS should recognize HDD up to 100GB

1.) Yes it should works. Also it should be possible to install the Norton ghost image files
2.) Yes, it should be possible to put the old HDD and start the notebook.
3.) If the new HDD supports the IDE interface so it should be possible to use it in the external USB case
4.) No, the upgrading of the HDD shouldn’t has any effects on the warranty