View Full Version : Update Bios on Tecra 8000

12.09.2006, 12:58

I update bios in my tecra 8000 SUCCESSful.

''ROM WRITE SUCCESSful, Utility Finished. BIOS FILE: Tecra8000 v 9.30''

I can turn on my laptop (Press POWER) but display is black and tecra not loading:(((

When I find older version Bios

I have PII 266Mhz

Help Me :(

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12.09.2006, 14:54
Did you try to enter the BIOS?
Check it.
But usually after BIOS upgrade the notebook should works and boots properly.
Did you follow the instruction about the BIOS updating on the Toshiba page?
Possibly you have done something wrong and the motherboard was damage.

12.09.2006, 16:49
Hi Tomek,

Unfortunately you will not be able to load an older version of the BIOS. The BIOS update utility automatically checks that the version being loaded is more recent than that already installed and if it is not it will not be loaded.

To revert to an older BIOS you will need to go to an Authorised Service Partner who can 'flash' the BIOS chip to remove the current BIOS and then load the earlier one.