View Full Version : Equium M50: How to make Mat****a UJ-841S region free?

11.09.2006, 21:27
Does anyone know how to make the Mat****a DVD-RAM UJ-841S fitted to my laptop region free? I have been unable to find any firmware for it on the web. Seems daft that a computer designed to be mobile has restrictions on the DVD region.


13.09.2006, 17:50
Forget it. Itís not possible.
Sure, I have also read on many sites that after not legal 3rd party firmware update the drive should accept the all DVDs and should be DVD code free but I have also read that such firmware could damage the drive. After such upgrades the drive mostly cannot read or write usual medias.

14.09.2006, 13:46

On legal way there is nothing to do. On this forum you can find various comments on this theme. Use advanced search option and you will find them.

16.09.2006, 14:19
Hi John,

region control is something manfacturers have to do for legal reasons so you will not find any official firmware updates to make your drive region free. There are unoffical firmwares known as "RPC1" that do but using them could damage your drive or void your Toshiba warranty. In any case a region free DVD drive in Windows will still have region control it has been since Windows98 if you google hard you will learn all about this and how to bypass it.

For what it's worth get a cheap DVD portable that can be coded region free doing this for your laptop would be more trouble than it's worth.

Richard S.