View Full Version : Need USB Driver for Equium M50-244

11.09.2006, 21:22
I have installed Win XP Pro on my M50-244 but whenever I plug a data stick into the USB port I get a message about the USB connection could be quicker with USB 2 blah blah.
Under the control panel the USB controller has a yellow question mark over it. Can someone please tell me where to find the correct USB driver for it?


13.09.2006, 20:53
The notebook uses the standard Microsoft Windows USB driver. On the Toshiba page you will not find any special USB drivers for WinXP.
Did you use the Recovery CD or did you install the OS from Microsoft CD?
Possibly you have not installed the chipset driver?

14.09.2006, 13:32

I agree with Eldorado. If you check Toshiba download page you will not find any USB driver. I donít know what did you done and how did you install OS but after installing chipset driver USB ports should work well. Check installations order document and install all stuff as listed there.