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17.12.2004, 12:04
Any ideas what the memory is on a Portege 4000 laptop...

I have tried to install a 512MB 144pin SO-DIMM PC133 and no luck....I just get three beeps at power on..

Any help would be appriated

17.12.2004, 14:13

I found following Information for Portege 4000:
- Standard : 128 MB
- Max. : 1,024 MB
- data bus width : 64 bit
- Technologie: SDRAM.

I hope it can help you.

17.12.2004, 22:49

tony is right! But perhaps didn't you bought an original Toshiba optio part, notebooks are very complex built up small computers. So only the originial option parts from Toshiba are tested with the notebook, all other 3rd party RAM modules could run, but they don't tested!

These are the Toshiba tested modules
PC133 512MB (PA3108U-1M51),
PC133 256MB (PA3086U-1M25),
PC133 128MB (PA3085U-1M12)

Bye Theo