View Full Version : Can not connect Equium M70 to Internet via Ethernet cable

09.09.2006, 21:07
I recently install telewest broadband via the installation disk. I used the ethernet cable supplied. During installation i received an error message stating that it could not connect due to various problems.
After a lengthy discussion with customer services and trying several solutions over the phone we still could not get a connection using the ethernet cable.
Telewest also provided a USB cable so i was told to remove the ethernet and plug in the USB. The connection was made instantly.

Was informed by Telewest technical support i had an ethernet problem on the laptop. could this be correct or maybe it was a dud ethernet cable.
Any suggestions ? My laptop is only four months old.

10.09.2006, 11:14
It may be disabled in the BIOS.

11.09.2006, 13:38

It is not easy to believe that LAN card is not working on your laptop. What is the LAN status in device manager? When cable is connected is the orange or green led active or not? Try also to start ConfigFree tool. Under “Connectivity doctor” tab you can see actual status and if there is some communication problem it will be shown there.

If there is any possibility try to test it on some other network (maybe in your company).
You can also contact your local dealer and let him check the unit. It can be done in the store and can not take a long time.

11.09.2006, 19:09
Thank you for your help. Unfortunately messing with the BIOS settings is beyond my knowledge.
I belive the problem is with the Erthenet port on my laptop.
Thank you anyway for your help.

11.09.2006, 19:20
Thank you for your help.

I belive the problem is with the erthenet port on the laptop.