View Full Version : Portege 4000: After HDD replacing WinXP installation stopped

07.09.2006, 23:44
The original HDD of my old Portege 4000 Notebook just crashed. I went in to the local computer shop and bought a new Samsung 40GB HDD (Part no MP0402H) that they recommended. First of all I have problem to have it partitioned and formatted when it is installed in the computer. I only manage to have 25% partitioned as 2GB?

Then, when I try to install Win XP Home with boot diskettes the installation is halted when inserting disk 6. Is the new HDD recognized correctly by the computer?

Can I somehow enter the BIOS and change HDD type?

12.09.2006, 15:11

Wait a moment. As far as I know the unit has just two recovery CDs (1/2 and 2/2) and just unit sold in Switzerland has more recovery discs (three languages).

Can you please be more specific about that? At first I will just understood what you trying to do.

12.09.2006, 15:39
Usually if the BIOS can recognize HDD so there should be no problem with the compatibility. Did you format the HDD in NTFS?
You said something about 6 diskettes. In your case I would recommend using the original Toshiba recovery CD which was shipping with this notebook.