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16.12.2004, 21:30
Hello everyone,

I have just bought the Toshiba Tecra 9000 Pentium 3 1Ghz, 256RAM from ebay. The problem is that after starting some Video applications or sometimes even opening new website which is in Macromedia Flash I hear some strange noise, which I think is from the Hard Drive. The sound is similar to the CDROM, when you put there CD and it starts reading.

Maybe anyone does have any suggestion regarding that and can help me out. Maybe I did not configure something well.

Thank you in advance.

17.12.2004, 22:57
Hi maxo,

did you also bought the recovery and Tool&Utilities CD with the notebook? To exclude a software failure you have to recover the notebook!

If you don't have it you should clea up your system. Perhaps is there any program which read or write to the hdd with high speed!
Bye Theo

Mannerhagen Tom
21.12.2004, 13:53

my suggestion is not so funny and very time-consuming, but it might put you off in the right direction.
Clanking noises MIGHT indicate harddisk problems.
A good way to find out if there is in fact a harddisk problem is to perform a full scandisk.
Make sure to enable "Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors".
When the scanning is done, sit down & prepare to spend some time in front of your computer. Listen to the sounds your harddisk is doing. If You hear the clanking when the surface test is done - then you can be quite sure to have a harddisk problem. Also listen for repeating sounds like "chuck-chuck-chuck-......"

Hope this helps you