View Full Version : Satellite Pro A60 - Windows XP shows/uses only a part of available RAM

Grandmaster T.
07.09.2006, 16:44
Hello guys!

I am facing strange problems with one of my two A60s. I have just upgraded both of them with identical 1024 MB RAM. One runs perfectly, but the other one shows me only 410 MBs within Windows. The BIOS shows the correct size. I have changed the RAM from one to the other, but this strange error is still present. The BIOS version has been updated to 1.90 and the Windows XP has SP2.

Do you have any suggestions or ideas? Is there an easy way to reset the RAM management within Windows?

Thank you in advance!


08.09.2006, 16:01
Itís very strange.
I have found a additional info the Satellite Pro A60 was delivered with a different hardware configuration.
Some Pro A60 was delivered with a 512MB internal memory and other with only 256MB internal memory.
Furthermore the internal memory modules cannot be removed and there is only one slot for memory upgrading.

But I donít know why the OS shows only 410MB

Oh, I have forgotten to mention that the shared memory graphic card use also the part of the main memory and therefore the OS could shows a different memory value.

19.09.2006, 15:50
I would also say it's very strange issue.
As Jimi said, the unit supports the sheared memory card and therefore the memory will be different displayed.

But Iím very confused about this value. The difference is about 600MB and this is very strange. You have mentioned that you have a newest version of the BIOS. Anyway I would recommend doing it again. Try to update the BIOS.
If it will nothing changes on your notebook so you should ask the ASP for the detailed test and diagnostic. They will locate the malfunction.

If you get some news so please post it. Itís very interesting why it happens