View Full Version : Tecra 8100 does not display anything on LCD - need LCD cable

06.09.2006, 22:53
Hi, My Tecra 8100 13.3" laptop does not display anything on LCD. It works with the VGA terminal. I am looking for a LCD cable for this laptop. Does any body know where I will able to buy one. Any body know what is the FRU part number for this. Does the LCD cable for this model and other model is different?


07.09.2006, 14:57

You will be very lucky if someone has so much information for you. In my opinion you should check if you can find the same parts and be sure that you can exchange it. Tecra 8100 is about 6 years old and to find new parts can be difficult.

I donít know in which country you live but try to search for some online notebook parts offeror in your country. Second possibility is to check eBay. From time to time you can find there defective notebooks but many parts can be used for replacement.

07.09.2006, 23:09
Thanks for your reply. Today after some repeated power on off, I saw the LCD panel has came up like follows:

A two mm thin line divided the panel two half. Bottom half of panel is dull light grey color. Top half has came with windows2000 panel. But this top half was shrinked from sides. So the display is distorted with vertical lines and change color according to the desktop background.

Can you suggest which part needs replacement so that I can search for a replacement.

I live in UK and the service guy charging too high for this kind replacement. So with your guidance I want to fix this.