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06.09.2006, 21:53
I've just bought a second hand Tecra 8100 which has been stripped of all its programs, OS, everything. So I installed Windows98SE on it - now i'm getting a screen with vertical stripes on it, which perches in the middle of the laptop screen with Windows just about viewable in the background.

So I went to the Toshiba webpages and downloaded the relevant windows 98se display driver. Once on my laptop, the exe file doesn't do anything; neither is their a 'graphics card' option in my device manager - anyone got any ideas as to what's happening?

07.09.2006, 23:28
Hi, I have exactly same laptop and the same problem. I installed the Window2000 and downloaded driver from http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tools/Tecra/t8100/windows-2000/display-t8100-win2k-51201700273020.zip.

[Note The driver http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tools/Tecra/t8100/windows-2000/display-updates/displayup-t8100-win2k-74029.zip couldn't installed]

Now I saw the screen is split in two parts and I see upper hals is distorted Windows but lower half is light grey color withoug any window.

Please post reply me if you find any solution at mishra@mynow.co.uk

13.09.2006, 12:58

Please connect external monitor to your notebook and check if the result is the same. If yes there is probably some problem with graphic card. If not I presume that LCD display on your notebook is defective.