View Full Version : Equium L20-197: Possible to buy a battery with longer life time?

06.09.2006, 12:25
I have an Equium L20-197 which only has a battery life of 1.5 hours at the outside. Is it possible to bu a different battery with more long-lasting power, as it pointless having wireless if it keeps having to be plugged in.

Hope someone can help.

06.09.2006, 12:50

Firstly you should know that the battery life time depends on the notebook usage.
Secondly as far as I know this notebook was delivered with a standard 2000mAh battery.

On the Toshiba page under Option & Accessories I have found a compatible battery pack 8 cell, 4300mAh part number: PA3420U-1BRS

This battery should support a longer life time as the battery 2000mAh.

By the way; such batteries you can purchase from the ASP in your country