View Full Version : Satellite P20: no WPA but only WEP encryption

05.09.2006, 23:26
Upgraded my P20 to win XP pro from media edition but cannot connect to wireless network as the network options only lists WEP and not WPA. Checked and I have SP2 installed and re-installed the wireless drivers but still no WPA.

Anyone know why?

06.09.2006, 10:32
Did the WLan card support the WPA encryption before upgrading to WinXP pro?
I think it didnít support this encryption.
In my knowledge the supported encryption depends on the WLan card and not on the WLan software (driver). If the WLan card doesnít support the WPA so you will be not able to use this encryption.

07.09.2006, 10:16
it appears it did connect up to the same network...so not sure what has happened?

07.09.2006, 10:33
What WLan card is installed in your notebook?
Atheros WLan card?
If you use the Atheros card so I would recommend using the Atheros client utility to configure the WLan connection. There you should check the encryption options.

Ps: The Windows Wlan configuration must be disabled if you use 3rd Wlan configuration application