View Full Version : Equium A11-233 Low power alarm settings

orion f 6.3
05.09.2006, 18:32
equium A11-233 i have reset the power to different modes but the battery time/% alarm always comes on at 10 min left with no message. i manually set to 3 4 or 5 mins and to display a message but it still alarms at 10 mins with no message any dears? is there a box to tick? thanks orion f 6.3

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06.09.2006, 14:24

Did you also select the changed power mode?
I mean does the notebook use the mode which you have changed???

Maybe the power alarm was changed but you donít use this mode. Please check this firstly

orion f 6.3
13.09.2006, 19:30
no the problem is still there, what ever the setting the alarm comes on at 10 mins :-(

13.09.2006, 19:56
Strange! Try to reinstall the Power saver utility and additional check the Toshiba driver page for updates.