View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6000: Cannot find correct WLAN driver

05.09.2006, 14:24
I have re-installed Windows Xp on my notebook Satellite Pro 6000. All is working except for the wireless connectivity.
When looking in the device manager, I see that the WLAN driver has not (or incorrectly) been installed.
So looked at the Toshiba site for the corresponding drivers, but I am not able to find the correct one. I did found some drivers, which seems to be the one, but unfortunately after installing the drivers, the wireless connectivity is still not available.
Any help would be appreciated.

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Robert

05.09.2006, 14:56
Hi Robert

Wait a moment! Is connectivity not available or the WLAN card is still not installed properly in device manager list?

05.09.2006, 18:06

For WLAN usage there are a few conditions needed:
• The WLAN card must be correctly installed (device manager status)
• The WLAN card must be properly enabled
• If the WLAN is visible it is necessary to configure the WLAN on the right way

Please describe the situation more detailed.

06.09.2006, 12:05

Thanks for your quick response.
My apologies for not being clear on that.
The built-in WLAN card seems not to be properly installed in the device manager list.
It does find the hardware, but somehow, I'm not able to install the correct driver.

Does this information suffice ?

Thanks in advance.
Regards, Robert

06.09.2006, 14:49

I don’t believe that you cannot install the Wlan driver.
Go to the device manger and find out which Wlan card was installed. (check properties)
If the WLan card is placed under “network adapters” so the driver was installed properly.
But if you see a “unknown device” in device manager so you need the WLan driver.
Then download the WLan driver from the Toshiba site. Be sure that you use the right driver for the right OS!

You can try firstly to uninstall the old driver and then to install the new one.

06.09.2006, 20:12

I have to dissappoint you. I'm really not able to install the WLAN driver. At least, I have installed the latest WLAN driver for SP6000 on Windows XP.
In the device manager, I see a '?' and '!' with the Ethernet-controller.
When I check the properties, the device type = unknown, it says something about that the drivers are not installed.
I retrieved the WLAN driver from the Toshiba site. And I made sure that it was for Windows XP.

Regards, Robert

07.09.2006, 11:46
Are you 100% sure that the WLan card was installed in the unit?
I asked it because as far as I know the WLan card is optional on this unit.

Which entries appear in the device manager in the “network adapters” section?

Possibly the Ethernet controller is a LAN card and you need to install the LAN driver.

Please check this!

08.09.2006, 09:19

The WLAN card is installed on this laptop.
In the network adapters, I can see that there is also another Ethernet controller, which is in fact the LAN card, which is correctly installed. This is working fine.
I'm pretty sure that the problem lies in the correct driver for the WLAN card.
I've already installed wlesslan_sp6000_win2k_641187_en.zip, but still it seems not to recognize the WLAN card.

Regards, Robert

08.09.2006, 10:09
Try to install the Wlan driver from the delivered Driver & Tools CD
The last possibility is to use the Toshiba recovery CD :(