View Full Version : Can not update RAM on Satellite Pro 4300 to 320 MB

04.09.2006, 21:19

My Satellite Pro 4300 has two memory slots (A and B).

My computer had originally 64 Mb in slot A (PA3004U).

Now I have plugged two 128 Mb memory modules (PA3005U) but I only get 192 Mb!!!

What am I doing wrong? Do I have to activate something in the BIOS?

Thanks in advance

04.09.2006, 21:22
By the way, both 128 Mb memory modules work properly. I have plugged them separately into slot A (leaving the slot B empty) and I get 192 Mb.

05.09.2006, 09:28
Hi Juan29 ;) greetings from Juan28 :D

Ok now to your problem:
Iím not 100% sure but in my opinion the 64MB could be a internal memory and usually such memory module cannot be removed. Furthermore itís possible that the memory on this unit can be upgraded only up to the 192MB (64MB + 128MB)

05.09.2006, 20:26
According to the users manual (and system specifications) the Satellite Pro 4300 can be upgraded up to 320 Mb of RAM: 128 Mb in slot A + 128 Mb in slot B + internal 64 Mb = 320 Mb of RAM.

Any ideas of what could happen?

06.09.2006, 11:52
So in this case it sounds like a defective slot B.
You can try to put only one module in slot B for checking the functionality.

07.09.2006, 22:33
If I leave empty the slot A, the system does not recognize the module present in slot B. Should it recognize the memory in slot B if there's no memory plugged in the slot A?

08.09.2006, 08:29
The memory should be recognized, no matter if the slot A is empty or not.
My opinion the slot B is faulty.