View Full Version : Satellite Pro L100-132: Battery is only 2000mA

02.09.2006, 23:31
Hi all,
I've bought model L100-132. The battery is only 2000 mAh and lasts only 1 hour. I turned off anything, set power saver to MAX_BATTERY, but it gives nothing. Every site tells it last for over 2h, and some say that it's almost 3h. Ok, so if they have so long, then I was given too small!

Shouldn't I receieve at least 4000 mAh?
Maybe someone has that model with the same small battery ?
Please, answer if you can to marxjo@mbp.szczecin.pl

Thank you.

06.09.2006, 15:57
Well, I think the notebook will be delivered with a standard 2000mAh battery pack but you can order a stronger battery with perspicuously much more performance.
I have visited and checked the Options and Accessories website of Toshiba and there you can find additional batteries:

Battery Pack ( 6 Cell, 4300mAh) PA3399U-1BRS
Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 4000mAh, 6 Cell) PA3465U-1BRS
Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 4000mAh, 8 Cell) PA3506U-1BRS
Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 4300mAh, 8 Cell) PA3457U-1BRS
High Capacity Battery Pack (Li-Ion, 12 Cell, 8600mAh) PA3400U-1BRS

But additionally you should know that the battery working time depends mostly on the notebook usage.