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01.09.2006, 17:40

I have a Satellite Pro A100 - PSAACE-008002EN which i purchased about a month ago, its worked perfectly till now and has been fantastic to use.

The main part i use is the memory card reader situated on the front, i used this with SD, MMC and XD cards for my pda and cameras, up till now this has worked fine, but recently i have been transfering music etc to my Sony PSP's Memory Stick using a Memorystick Pro Duo to Pro adaptor so that the card fits in the slot properly and this has been working fine.

All of a sudden the laptop can no longer read from my MS card, i have tried the card in a usb card reader and it works perfectly with and without the adaptor. The laptops card reader still reads SD MMC and XD cards perfectly fine but when i inset my memorystick it shows the stick as being there in my computer but when i click on it the dialog box pops up and says that there is no disk inserted???

i have tried installing the newest drivers but this didnt work, any help is very much appreciated

many thanks


07.09.2006, 15:30
I have found this information and firstly I would like to post a list of compatible cards:

SD Card (supported by Multiple Digital Media Card slot) Capacity 8MB-2GB
Memory Stick (supported by Multiple Digital Media Card slot) Capacity 8MB-256MB
xD picture card 16MB-1GB
Memory Stick 8MB-256MB
Memory Stick Pro 256MB-2GB
MultiMediaCard 8MB-1GB

According to this list the Memory Stick Pro Duo is Not supported. But you have used a adaptor.
However maybe this is a reason why the card reader cannot read from the MS cards anymore.

What you can do is to remove the card reader from the device manager and after new reboot try to install this device again