View Full Version : Where is memory module slot located on Equium A60?

01.09.2006, 12:58
Hi there, i was just wondering, i have a equium A60 and need to know where slot A for the memory modules is inside the laptop?

Can anyone help me with this one????

02.09.2006, 13:14
Hi Taf,

There is a user-configurable memory slot that can be accessed by removing the appropriate cover on the underside of the unit (the one with the picture of a "chip" on it, or next to it). The A60 comes with internal memory also which is on the system board and cannot be removed.


04.09.2006, 15:17

I agree with Willow. Your unit has 256MB internal memory. For memory upgrade there is just one slot available. According to the specification your unit can handle with 1280MB max and you can use other additional 1GB module to use max memory. Compatible memory module are
PC2700 512MB (PA3312U-1M51)
PC2700 1024MB (PA3313U-1M1G)


04.09.2006, 21:25
thanks for the information i have got so far, i did not realise there was only one slot.

The problem is that i installed a 512MB module in the expansion slot. Now the computer won't boot-up at all and I had thought it could be the memory and would try putting the 512MB module in slot A. Obviously this cannot happen.

Can i ask if i am looking in the wrong place for this problem? Or if there is any possible solutions to the memory problem?


05.09.2006, 10:08

The guys above are right. Either you have used the memory modules in wrong slot (internal memory) or you have used not compatible memory modules!

Please be aware. You cannot remove the internal memory modules. The slot which you can use should be placed at the bottom.

06.09.2006, 15:19
As i am aware my memory upgrade should be in the only slot accessible, The module i did buy was pc2700 512MB moudule from crucial who said it would be compatitable?

06.09.2006, 16:18
HI Michael,

I fully agree with the other replies in that your A60 has just one user slot on the bottom of the unit which can take a 256Mb, 512Mb, or 1Gb RAM module. The unit itself already has either a 256Mb or 512Mb RAM module built in.

The specification for the extra RAM module must be 200-Pin PC2700 (333Mhz) DDR SODIMM in order to make it compatible with the existing RAM.

Please also note that the RAM module is very sensitive to electrostatic discharge so you will need to make sure that you are properly 'earthed' before handling the RAM in order to avoid damaging it.

You should also check that the connectors in the RAM expansion slot are intact and not bent or damaged in any way and that the RAM module is fitted the correct way round. There is usually a small slot in the RAM module which must locate correctly in the RAM slot.


07.09.2006, 19:35
thanks for everyones help with this matter so far.

From the previous response the 512 memory module that i fitted in the expansion slot should be compatiable.

I will however need to check the slot itself and the way the module is fitted. Thanks