View Full Version : Tecra 8100 not booting

31.08.2006, 19:29

one problem fixed, the next appears...

After I've fixed my inverter problems, the notebook worked fine for more than a week. Yesterday evening I tried to switch on the machine and ... nothing happened. The display is dark, the HD spins, the (empty) CDROM gives three little noises, then is silence. No POST.

If I'm pressing the power button once again for a short time, the notebook beeps thirty times (1 long and 29 short beeps). Then it switches off.

If I'm holding during power on, the display shows a page of funny characters like hearts and clubs and spades, funny smilie-faces and so on. I'm afraid, theres something wrong with my bios. Is there any chance, to reset the FlashPROM? Perhaps by disconnecting the CMOS-Battery? But how do I get there? Questions over questions. Has anybody a great idea? The necessarity for a visit of an ASP would be a death sentence to the machine:-(.

Please help!

Thanks in advance.


01.09.2006, 21:37
Hello Kai

As far as I know beeping sound comes if there is serious hardware problem. On this way it is not easy to give any precise diagnostic. Removing CMOS battery will not help at all. Personally I think that there is serious hardware problem.

Can you see Toshiba welcome screen or those symbols are shown immediately after pressing power button?

03.09.2006, 12:29
Hi Pedro,

thanks for your answer. No, I do not see the welcome screen. When I switch on the notebook the normal way (without pressing F12 simultanously), the screen remains black. There's no picture and no background light at all. The idea with the CMOS I had, because instead of the command to insert a floppy into the disk drive in order to update the BIOS, the display only shows those funny characters. So I thought, it might be worth it, to try to reset the BIOS. If this doesn't help, I'm going to replace the notebook anyway, even it my bank account says no;-). I'm using it as a DJ and I must rely on the machine. When I turn it on, I don't want to be afraid, wether it's going to boot or not.