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29.08.2006, 11:27
Just bought a M50-244 and want to install XP Pro on it. I have downloaded all the drivers listed on the support page but there are some on the installation list that aren't available for download - any idea where I get them from?

The ones I need are:

Atheros Client Utility
DVD Player
Sun Java Runtime Environment
Power Management


29.08.2006, 11:34
Hi Johny

Many stuff is a part on recovery image and a kind of “present for Toshiba users” and allow them to use unit completely. If you want to configure the unit on your own you must obtain some specific software also on your own.

The most important thing is that all hardware components are recognized properly and that OS runs stabile. The software like DVD player or burning software you can find everywhere.


29.08.2006, 11:51
Thanks Andrej,

What about the client utility and power management - surely these are critical pieces of software to get the most out of the notebook?

29.08.2006, 12:39

Client utility must not be preinstalled because the WLAN connection can be configured using Windows settings. Power saver tool is available on Toshiba download page. Please check it for Equium M50-244 (PSM59E). There you will find power saver driver version and Power saver utility version 7.03.07C.

Before you install them check Installations instructions document to see the right installations order.

Bye and good luck!