View Full Version : Display driver error on my Equium A60-155

28.08.2006, 22:57
I have an Equium A60 - 155. I have been having consistent problems where I get a message saying that my the ati display driver has stopped working. I have downloaded the driver again and still no change. I have seen the blue screen of death several times but don't see it for long enough to read everything it says but it does mention the ati driver again.

Can someone PLEASE tell me what to do!
It's driving me crazy!

29.08.2006, 18:05
Blue screen of death usually indicates two things: corrupted or badly written drives or faulty hardware such as memory.
Firstly I would start by testing your System RAM for this I would recommend a program called memtest86 - http://www.memtest86.com/
If your RAM has passed then the problem maybe driver or hardware related. Unfortunately resolving BSOD problem can be a real pain so it might be worth considering using the product recovery DVD just make sure you backup all your personal files because this procedure will destroy all data.

Richard S.