View Full Version : Satellite Pro 6100 freeze and shut down

25.08.2006, 23:04
I have just purchased a second hand 6100 and after about 1 hour of use it shuts down, I assume its overheating as about 10 mins later I can reboot

I also have the RTC message that seems to be very popular

Can anyone let me know how to check the heatsink & Fan and if the cmos will recharge its self if i can get the laptop to keep running for long enough

any help would be appreciated


26.08.2006, 01:02
Hi Andy,

Overheating is a common problem with most notebooks and can usually be solved by using a domestic vaccuum cleaner hose placed over the air intake grilles for a few seconds. This effectively pulls the dust and debris out of the heat-sink back through the fans. It also avoids having to dismantle the heat-sink which is usually attached to the CPU with thermal paste.

With regard to your RTC battery, this will normally rechanrge once the main notebook battery is fully charged. I suggest you leave the unit attached to the AC adapter for at least twelve hours after the main battery is fully charged. This shopuld ensure that the RTC battery is also fully charged. It is always possible that the RTC battery has begun to fail in which case it will need to be replaced.


26.08.2006, 11:55
Hi many thanks for getting back to me

sorry about the user name change everybody but could n't log back in using my old id it said i don't exist.

can you tell me how to get to the heat sink & Fan as i dont think the fan is spinning, or can you suggest a software that will check this for me.

many thanks in advance