View Full Version : Satellite M30 - need suggestion about wireless connection

23.08.2006, 16:19
Hi folks,

I've got an M30 with Centrino. The wireless connection was working fine this morning but the stopped. I've tried reconnecting to my wireless bband connection (which is working fine) but all I get is the window showing that it is waiting for the network...
Any suggestions?

27.08.2006, 21:29

On this way it is not easy to say what is there wrong but please be sure that your WLAN is visible for your notebook. If the notebook can “see” the router please check the WLAN settings.

Sorry but at the moment it is not possible to say anything concrete.

30.08.2006, 15:30
Maybe you have disabled WLAN card somehow. Check it with FN+F8 key combination.