View Full Version : M70-142:wireless-LAN doesn't work without AC-ADAPTER.

23.08.2006, 09:03
Hi there,
My problem is a little curios.
When my Toshiba works with AC-ADAPTER and it uses wireless-lan, connection to network is very fast, downloads from iternet good, but if I use only power battery, transferring is very slow, internet pages are downloading in a very long time and network wireless try icon blink rarely.
So, to work again normally, I need to use again AC-ADAPTER.
I usually use a ZYXEL router for internet connection, I try with another one without results and with a different company router too. NOTHING
Can, anyone help me.
Thanx. Tony

23.08.2006, 09:23
Hi Tony,

I believe your problems are due to a Toshiba power saving utility, which helps to get the maximum amount of "up time" from the battery. This is done by reducing power to certain things that can drain the battery in their "full power" mode. A common feature that most people notice is that the display is slightly dimmer under battery power than mains power. These power savings are a feature and not a fault with the equipment, but the settings can be adjusted.

Go into the Toshiba utilities program from the start menu and open up Power Options. You will notice that there are a number of "factory" profiles which you can choose from to give default settings for various configurations, including one for battery power. All of the settings can be adjusted from here.

Once the settings have been changed, the wireless connection can work as quickly as with normal ac power, but the downside to this is that the battery may not last as long.

I hope this helps, let us know how you get on!


23.08.2006, 10:28
Many thanks Weezle, I'll try your advice.
I hope you a nice day.

23.08.2006, 13:08

Try also to change power management to highest level. This option you can find in device manager WLAN card properties.