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22.08.2006, 14:26
Hi everyone,
I have an (old) Satellite Pro 440CDX. A few years ago, I compressed it. Then I tried to uncompress the HDD, but it crashed and I haven't been able to acceed to Windows 95 anymore. So I copied my data via Dos and formatted the disK. But it seems not to recognize the CD Reader anymore.
What shoud I do ? Get a new HDD or is there a "software" manner to get it straight again ?
Thanks !

Mannerhagen Tom
22.08.2006, 14:52
Hi Noah

seems you've got a really old piece of hardware there. I'm glad to hear that you still use it.
There is no very easy way to help you, but please have a look at the hints I gave another guy in this forum for a bootable CD to get access to both CD and HDD - and it's FREE!


Good luck


31.08.2006, 11:04
Thanks a lot for your advice : it works now !
Still got some problems, since it does'n recognize pretty well the monitor... The screen is a little tinier than the monitor, if you see what I mean. I don't know yet what to do : do you have an idea ?

Mannerhagen Tom
31.08.2006, 13:40
Hi again

thanks for the points!

Are you using a Windows 95 installation?
If so maybe you didn't install the video driver.

You can download it here: http://support.toshiba-tro.de/tools/archive/display-win95-4032252-en.zip

Extract and install.

Good luck


31.08.2006, 17:53
You deserve your points, they reflect my sense of relief when my laptop finally accepted to swallow win95 :)
Thanks for the video advice, I'll try it asap and let you know if it worked

02.09.2006, 12:37
Well, do you have the same link but for the sound driver ? :(
I cannot find it on the toshiba website, since my laptop is very old...
It's still for my old windows 95...

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02.09.2006, 18:27
ok, I just find out how to get the sound driver, so don't bother
thanks again !