View Full Version : Firewire PCMCIA card and camcorder connection - Equium L20-197

22.08.2006, 13:33
Have tried adding firewire support using 2 different 1394 cardbus cards. Each card was recognised & reported as working correctly. Each time when I tried to connect to a Sony DVcam the software reported there was no camera connected.

I know the camera, cables & software are OK - have tested with an other non Toshiba notebook with built in 1394 port.
Have I done something wrong? Does anyone have any experience with a card they know works in this model?

24.08.2006, 15:44

Sorry but if the card is correctly recognized there must be some problem between card and cam. Try to contact card manufacturer support. They have more experience with own products.

26.08.2006, 15:46

I also think that because the card would not be recognised if there is a problem with the notebook.