View Full Version : Satellite A30 cuts out due to over-heating

21.08.2006, 12:05
My Satellite A30 cuts out due to over-heating.
The cooling fans are free of dust.
I have set the cooling for Max-performance.
Is there another reason for over-heating?

23.08.2006, 18:16
Hi David,

Anything which interferes with the free flow of cooling air through the cpu HEAT-SINK will have the effect that you describe. The problem is that the dust accumulation cannot be seen by examining the fan grilles because it has built up inside the unit. The easy way to remove it is to use a vaccuum cleaner hose aimed at the air intake grilles (use a piece of cloth to maximise the suction). This should make the fans spin at quite high speed and may produce a wad of debris inside the grilles which you will need to carefully pick out.

To be really thorough you will need to remove the heat-sink cover (adjacent to the intake grilles and secured by two 'torx' screws.) With the cover removed you will be able to see the heat sink itself secured by four cross-head screws (two on each side), remove these and carefully remove the heat-sink. Note that it will stick to the CPU because of the thermal paste used during assembly. DO NOT REMOVE THE PASTE. Once the heat sink is removed you will be able to see any accumulation of debris.

Re-assembly is the reverse of the removal process but note the sequence numbers on the heatsink so that you can tighten the screws in the correct order.


24.08.2006, 13:42

I donít know how you can be sure that cooling fans are free of dust but the fact is that a lot of dust is placed behind the cooling fans and you can not see this. Did you check this removing them?

I agree with Nicky that dust is placed inside of unit.