View Full Version : Keyboard exchange on Satellite Pro A100

20.08.2006, 22:23
Hi there

I appear to have a faulty F Key on my Satellite Pro A100 keyboard. Some liquid was spilled on it and it appears this is the only key affected.
I thought the laptop had an ANTI-SPILL keyboard but obviously not on the F Key.

Can anyone advise what the replacement keyboard part is (I am based in tbe UK) so UK keyboard preferred. Model of laptop is psaa3e-00500cen (Satellite Pro A100)


21.08.2006, 15:10

As far as I know this unit has definitely no anti-spill keyboard and this option have notebooks from business series like Portege (of course newest models).

It seems that you must replace the keyboard. Please be careful because if later the unit has damage and service partner can see that the unit is open they can refuse to do anything. The keyboard replacement is finish in 15 min and can not cost much. I recommend you to make it by service partner.

21.08.2006, 21:12
Thanks for the reply. Do you know where I can get a diagram on how to replace the keyboard. In can get a replacement keyboard for £60 and am willing to take the risk of replacing it myself. If I can get a diagram on getting the keyboard out I'm sure I could fix the prob myself.


22.08.2006, 09:07
Just in short: first you must remove speaker cover. This cover is fixed with 10 latches. I donít know exactly where all of them are placed but I just know that some of them are under the battery. When the speaker cover is removed the keyboard replacement is peace of cake.

Please if you try to do this alone, be very gently because you can damage this plastic speaker cover. In my opinion you should donít do this alone because the cover is fixed very strongly.