View Full Version : Tecra 9000: How to remove the inverter cables?

18.08.2006, 22:50
I have one question. Maybe someone can help?
I am trying to remove the inverter. The cables that go from the inverter to the main board are easy to remove. (It is a connector.) But, I cannot remove the cables that go from the inverter to the LCD. Is this also a connector? Should I just pull it? I suppose it is a connector, as I see inverters on sale on eBay are without cables, but I just cannot remove it by pulling it. Can any one give me some advice, please?

21.08.2006, 13:14

Unfortunately I can not go into details but, as far as I know FL inverter is connected to the mainboard and it is connected with connector or kind of jack. It must be just pulled out.