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16.08.2006, 21:01
I have a Tecra 8100 (700 MHz 12Gb hard disk, 256 Mb memory) Runs Windows XP and Win 98 from dual boot. It has been OK for ages but suddenly developed the following fault. Any help to cure would be great. When you switch it on, the screen normally stays blank, the hard drive is whirring and the LEDs are ON, on the front panel. No keyboard inputs make it start/boot etc.

On pressing the power off button, sometimes it just goes off as normal, at other times it will bleep 30 times and then shutdown. Keeping the power off button pressed will force it to switch off as it should. Sometimes, the screen WILL come on and you can boot up to Windows XP/WIN 98 etc. but the PC will freeze either on the way to booting or when it gets there, you can't do any more with it when this happens.

The CMOS battery is down at 2.77volts instead of the 3 volts it should be, I have taken out the memory, tried both memory sticks in all slots and nothing makes any difference. I think this is an intermittent fault, but it is a common fault as others on another help site describe EXACTLY the same symptoms.

21.08.2006, 13:02

I have read your posting on http://forums.computers.toshiba-europe.com/forums/thread.jspa?threadID=15134 and presume that you have found solution.
Does this really work?

22.08.2006, 00:43
The Tecra 8100 laptop I have suffered from this problem of the screen backlight going off at odd intervals and gradually got worse (blipping the pin at the back of the keyboard did restore screen for short time). After much messing about trying to resolve, the fix is as I have described.

The high voltage plug that goes into the right hand side of the screen backlight inverter situated at the base of the screen must get electrically dirty, and removing it and replugging a few times has certainly fixed my laptop, so go ahead and try it, let the forum know how you get on. Good luck

24.08.2006, 00:32
Tecra 8100 fault fixed OK. It was the slot A memory slot, being weak/bad connecting with age.
Transferred memory to slot B leaving slot A empty, now working OK